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Eric Santini, Jr
Board Chairman & President

David Preka
First Vice Chairman & VP

Mike Girard
Vice President & Treasurer

Chris Nelson
Immed Past Chairman & Past President 

Local Association Appointed Directors (up to 13 seats):

Luigi Altamura, Altamura Homes (FF)
Pete Battaglio, Hocon Gas (EC)
Tim Bobroske, Tim Bobroske Construction, NW President (NW)
Karen Bradbury,
 Closet and Storage Concepts (FF)
Ted Brown, Peter L. Brown Co (CC)
Tony Denorfia, AA Denorfia Building & Development (CC)
Anthony DeRosa, DeRosa Builders (FF)
Kim DiMatteo, DiMatteo Group, FF President (FF)
Alan Hanbury
, House of Hanbury (CC)
Everett Hyde, Shelter LLC (EC)
Liz Koiva, Nordic Builders, CC President (CC)
Greg Ugalde, T&M Building Company (NW)

Committee/Council Appointed Directors (total 3: DF;GA;CS)

Johnny Carrier, By Carrier, Inc., Codes & Standards Chair 
Bill Ferrigno, 
Sunlight Construciton, CT Developers Forum Chair
Bob Wiedenmann, Jr., 
Sunwood Construction Corp., Gov’t Affairs Chair

Associate Members (appointed by Executive Committee)(up to 3 seats):

Garret Cook, Cyclone Home Systems (CC)
Steven Roth, Elevator Service Co. (FF)
Frank Sanford, Sanford & Hawley (CC)

Appointed by Board Chair & 1st VP (up to 6 seats):

Ken Boynton, Boynton Construction (CC)
Joanne Carroll, JMC Resources, Inc. (FF)
George LaCava, Trilacon Development (CC)
Ken Mita, Central CT Construction Mgmt LLC (CC)
Liz Verna, Verna Properties (CC)
Nort Wheeler,
 Mystic River Building Company (EC)

Additional Past Presidents, Non-Voting Members of the Board (3):

Larry Fiano, Lawrence F. Fiano Builder Developer (Past President) (CC)
Bob Fusari Sr., Real Estate Services of CT (Past President) (CC)

Peter Fusaro, Preferred Builders (Past President) (FF) 
Eric Santini Sr., Santini Homes Inc. (Past President) (CC)

Ex Officio, Non-Voting Member of the Board (1):

Jim Perras, CEO & Corp Secretary

Select Policies of the Board:
  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Anti-trust, Copyright, & Confidentiality Policies
  • CEO Compensation Policy
  • Whistleblower Policy

(All directors should have a complete Board Policy Manual – for this and more board-only materials, go to the Board’s Private Page (coming soon)