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Housing Defense Fund

A special interest forum of the HBRA of Connecticut

Thanks to our 2022 HDF Contributors

Chairman’s Club
Greg Ugalde
Steven Temkin
Frank Sanford
Brian Liistro

President’s Club
Johnny Carrier
Bob Wiedenmann, Jr.
Chris Nelson

Defender’s Club
Tony Denorfia
Mike Girard

Supporter’s Club
Alan Hanbury

Our Events:
Save the date: August 2019 HDF Summer Barbecue
April 25, 2019: HDF Reception at Sanford & Hawley – see Facebook pics.
August 29, 2016:  NAHB BUILD-PAC and HDF Lobster Bake at Miami Beach North, Old Lyme CT – see Facebook pics.
May 25, 2016:  HDF Reception at Shipman & Goodwin LLP, with honoree, Joanne Carroll
Sept 19, 2015:  Inaugural Larry & Babe Fiano HDF BBQ